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Some of our apple varieties!

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Variety   Description  Variety   Description 
Ambrosia  Crisp and sweet low acid apple. Very juicy. Pleasant aroma with mild flavor. Autumn Gala  Late season apple maturing 4 weeks after other Galas, very firm, typical Gala quality.
Baldwin  All-purpose red-skinned apple is mottled and streaked with yellow. It has a mildly sweet-tart flavor and fairly crisp texture. Beni Shogun  Beautiful red color, sweet, outstanding flavor. Similar to, but earlier than Fuji.
Buckeye Gala   This apple is almost solid red with a deep burgundy stripe. Nice flavor. Cameo   Sweet and tart, great dessert apple.
Cortland  Sweet and juicy with a hint of tartness. Good for eating, salads, sauce, pies and baking. Cox Orange Pippin  Classic English dessert apple. Rich and complex flavor, highly aromatic.
Ellison's Orange  Rich, slightly licorice flavor, soft flesh; developed from Cox Orange Pippin. Elstar  Dessert apple, marbled skin, crunchy, lemon-white flesh
Empire  A sweet-tart, juicy apple. Excellent for salads, baking, eating, pies. Fiesta   Medium size apple, with flecked red and orange flush over yellow. Sweet, juicy. Good for making apple juice.
Fuji  Crisp and juicy, sweet and refreshing. Pink speckled flesh over yellow-green. Ginger Gold  A great Early Ripening Yellow Apple. Crisp and Excellent Taste. Our Early Favorite.
 Not related to Red Delicious. Mild,sweet flavor, crisp, light yellow flesh. Eating, salads, pies, baking. Honeycrisp  This new crisp, juicy apple from the Macoun and Honeygold parentage gets top ranking in taste.
Hatsuaki  Red skin which can sometimes be russeted. Nice sweet flavor. Ida Red  Sweetly tart, juicy. Excellent for baking, pies. Good for eating.
Jonagold   Jonagold is an all-purpose apple that is firm and juicy with appealing shades of flavors from tart to sweet. Jonamac   Similar to McIntosh, rich flavor, great for salads, sauce, pies and apple butter.
Jonathan  Juicy, sweet-tart flavor, with a spicy fragrance. Great for eating and pies. Not recommended as a baking apple. Macoun  Extra sweet, very sweet and aromatic, with tender, snow-white flesh. Great eating apple.
McIntosh  Sweet with a tart tang and very juicy. Excellent for eating; Also good in pies. Melrose   Great for pies, eating, baking.
Mutsu  Sweet yet very refreshing. Very juicy & super crisp. Excellent for baking, eating, pies. Nittany   Nittany is a cross between Golden Delicious and York; cooking, baking, snacks.
Northern Spy  A large, sweet-tart apple with a red skin marked with yellow streaking. All-purpose apple. NY 75414  
Paula Red  Tart, juicy with crisp white flesh. Excellent for eating. Good for apple sauce. Red
 Sweet and juicy eating apple with crisp, yellow flesh.
Rome Mildly tart. Excellent for baking, pies. Firm, greenish white flesh Shizuka  Same Parentage of our flagship Mutsu Apple but ripens at least 2 weeks earlier. Full flavored and complex.
Spartan   An excellent all-purpose apple with crisp, snowy-white flesh and an unusually small core. Stayman  Medium to large apple. Flesh yellowish, firm, tender, juicy, subacid.
Suncrisp Cox -Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious cross scores the highest rating by taste panels. Dual purpose apple, stores for months.